2009-2010 Officers

Nicole Bugella, David Legnani, Jaclyn Rubin, Lauren Weiss, and Michelle Wnuk

You can seek them out at any time with questions, comments, or concerns! Remember drama club meets every Thursday at 2:30 in the auditorium. New members welcome at any time.


And David is the winner of the prize!



Whoever reads this first and responds to me at rjarusinsky@berlinschools.org wins a prize.


Auditions for the 2009 fall play will be held Monday September 14 at 3:30 or Tuesday September 15 at 2:30. Come one day or the other.


Don't forget to find a monologue and prepare for the upcoming weeks.

Next meeting

Our first drama club meeting was spectacular! Make sure you come back to the next one, this Thursday September 10 at 2:30 in the auditorium.

Welcome back!

To all new and current members - our first drama club meeting of the year will be Thursday September 3rd in the auditorium at 2:30! Bring a friend!


Okay meeting still scheduled - just minus an advisor. I emailed all of you an agenda (page 2 is what pertains to us, I just realized that first page was there too late). You all meet, talk, take notes, and visit me Friday afternoon to update and hopefully do the board. Welcome back!

Meeting Scheduled

Okay all - since Jaclyn is on vacation anyway until tomorrow, I believe, and you all want to soak up the last of your summer, let's say absolutely official meeting date is the 27th at 3:00 in my classroom. Woot!


Excellent! We have a few pictures. I like it. Okay, so Nicole - you try to get the time off. Michelle and Jacyln - you out there? Dave - does the 27th work for you? Lauren - Hi. For this lovely meeting, find that email I sent you on improv olympics, and we can talk about that, too.


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