The mission of the Berlin High School Library/Media Center is to teach students to be effective and independent users of information and ideas. This mission will be achieved by providing access to resources in all formats, by providing bibliographic and multimedia instruction to encourage the requisite abilities to appreciate reading, viewing, and the mastery of ideas and information; and lastly, by working cooperatively with teacher/colleagues to create specific learning strategies that will meet the needs of individual students.

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The purpose of the Berlin High School Library/Media Center is to instill students with life-long library  skills.  Our students learn to access and use information, and to be responsible for their own learning. Our students also become effective seekers of independent reading directions, in order to to facilitate their growth as  independent learners, and to continue their maturation as lovers of reading. The Library staff works in partnership with teachers to meet students' individual learning needs.
The Berlin High School Library/ Media Center provides access to a fully automated catalogue system, up to date on-line subscription databases and to the Internet. The Media Center is an active learning environment: our focus is on the learning process itself, as well as on the providing of information. Our students learn to conduct effective and safe searches. They become producers and consumers of information in a variety of sources and formats. When appropriate, our students gain information through the search process and create meaningful products that effectively synthesize and communicate new understandings. 

The Berlin High Library/ Media center encourages creative learning by increasing students' expertise in the accessing, evaluating, and using of information.